Theta Muscae

Spectroscopic observations of the magnitude 5.66 Wolf-Rayet star Theta Muscae reduced using BASS.


Image details:

  • Star: HD 113904 (Theta Muscae)
  • Telescope: 0.35m RC f/7
  • Spectroscope: Spectra L200
  • Grating: 600 l/mm
  • Camera: Atik 314L+
  • Date: 2014-06-06 13:23:07 UT
  • Exposure: 300s x 12
  • Dispersion: 1.08 A/pixel
  • R = 2715 @5889.94Å

Profile (click to enlarge):

Theta Muscae.bass

Additional references:….54..607M


An additional 12 x 300s images acquired on 140610, averaged using MaxIM DL and shown in the following profile:


First attempts at normalising profiles 10 – 12 June, 2014:

ThetaMus10to12June2014A composite of 5 profiles acquired from data spanning 6 June to 15 June. Hardware adjustments have resulted in some offset of the profiles between sessions.


Use of vertical offsets clarity (click to enlarge):



Additional data acquired over the following weeks combined in the chart below. Note the periodic nature of the C III region (click to enlarge):


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