Supernova Discovery – 2005my

To see the year out, a supernova discovery on my sister’s 54th Birthday.

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Electronic Telegram No. 346
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
M.S. 18, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.
IAUSUBS@CFA.HARVARD.EDU or FAX 617-495-7231 (subscriptions)

SUPERNOVA 2005my IN ESO 302-G27
P. Luckas, Perth, W. Australia; O. Trondal, Oslo, Norway; and M.  Schwartz, Patagonia, AZ, report the discovery of an apparent supernova  on unfiltered CCD frames taken with the 0.35-m Tenagra telescope at  Perth on 2005 Dec. 30.55 (at mag 17.8) and 2006 Jan. 1.53 UT (mag  17.3) in the course of the Tenagra Observatory Supernova Search.  SN  2005my is located at R.A. = 4h01m53s.13, Decl. = -41o56’08”.3 (equinox  2000.0), which is 15″.9 east and 23″.0 north of the center of ESO  302-G27 (which itself has position end figures 51s.70, 31″.3).  Nothing was visible at the position of 2005my on an image taken by  Luckas on 2005 Oct. 14.75 (limiting magnitude about 18.5).

Electronic Telegram No. 358

SUPERNOVA 2005my IN ESO 302-G27
M. Salvo and B. Schmidt, Australian National University (ANU);   and S. Ryder, Anglo-Australian Observatory, report that a spectrogram   (range 370-900 nm), obtained with the ANU 2.3-m telescope (+   Double-Beam Spectrograph) on Jan. 7.53 UT, shows SN 2005my (IAUC   8655) to be a type-II supernova in the late plateau phase; adopting   the NED recession velocity for the host galaxy (Mathewson and Ford   1996, Ap.J. Suppl. 107, 97) of cz = 4441 km/s, the expansion velocity   measured from the Fe II 492.4- and 501.8-nm lines is 2000 km/s.

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