2007 XB10 – recovered between the clouds

A near encounter with the south celestial pole,  2007 XB10 is finally recovered by D21 under some challenging weather conditions.

2007 XB10 was recovered by D21 near the south celestial pole from images between April 16 and April 20. The initial search used a number of mosaic fields covering the uncertainty region, which ultimately found the object  some some 0.7 degrees from its nominal position. As with other recent NEO work at D21, Paulo Holvorcem combined a series of 300s unguided images which allowed the faint target to be recovered successfully despite the cloud interrupted observations on April 20.

The recovery MPEC can be found here.

A large Apollo type object, 2007 XB10 has a diameter estimated between 700m and 1400m. It will pass within 11 million km of the Earth in mid June, and is listed as an Arecibo and Goldstone radar target during the approach.

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  1. Sheldon Allan says:

    Good work. A tricky recovery well executed.

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