Nova ASASSN-18fv

The very bright (and brightening) nova candidate in Carina confirmed as classical nova in the early evening of March 21st. Additional information can be found at ATel #11460.

_asassn-18fv_20180321_490_Paul Luckas


ASASSN-18fv, 10 x 4s images (clear filter).

BV photometry acquired on March 22nd provided magnitudes B = 7.6 and V = 6.9

A flux calibrated spectrum (also acquired on the 22nd):



Update – March 27:

Additional spectra, including a high resolution (R ~ 16,000) spectrum centred on H-alpha. Measured magnitudes B=7.4, V=6.5 from photometry taken on the same night.



_asassn-18fv_20180327_571_Paul Luckas

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