Galactic Nova ASASSN-17gk

Nova ASASSN-17gk (ATel #10387) was confirmed at Shenton Park Observatory using the ALPY 600 at R~530. This very bright nova in Centaurus is near maximum and was easily identified with a 600s exposure. Further detail kindly provided by Prof. Steve Shore can be found in the confirmation ATel (ATel #10399) and subsequent correction (ATel #10400).


B and V band images were acquired subsequent to the spectra under increasingly cloudy conditions. Photometry yielded magnitudes:
B= 11.78 (transformed)
V=10.70 (transformed)

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Confirmation Spectra:

_asassn-17gk_20170518_428_Paul Luckas

A single 600s exposure, calibrated with the Aply’s internal Ne/Ar lamp shows characteristic Balmer and Fe emission of a nova in outburst.

_asassn-17gk_20170518_428_Paul Luckas

The instrument and atmosphere corrected profile (using nearby HD 114570 as the reference).

Photometric image:

V-band image, 10 second exposure

V-band image, 10 second exposure (SBIG ST-10XEI)


Spectrophotometry (flux calibrated profiles), derived from transformed V-band photometry taken adjacent in time to the spectra (click to enlarge):

asassn-17gk_ Luckas_flux


Velocity plot of the H-a emission:


Two Animated GIF files showing development of the H-a and Fe features in 12 spectra spanning May 18 to 31:


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