Stellar classification with the Alpy 600

A test of the new Shelyak Alpy 600 low resolution spectrograph showing a sequence of OBAFGKM stars.


A basic Spectral sequence from Type-B to Type-M. The data was corrected and reduced using ISIS (click to enlarge).OBAFGKM

R = 568 @ 6402Å

Individual Profiles:

1. Type B5VB5V2. Type A5VA5V3. Type F5VF5V5. Type G5VG5V6. Type K5IIIK5III7. Type M4/M5M4M58. HD 157832 in the constellation of Ara showing the strong H-a emission typical of Be stars:Be9. HD 156385, a Wolf-Rayet star in the constellation of Ara:WR

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